Bridges & Structures

Shenandoah River Bridge | West Virginia, USA

Our experience on highly complex projects has positioned us as a leader in the delivery of exceptional bridge and structures programs. For more than 60 years, we’ve designed bridges and structures that meet unique and individual needs and specifications.

Together with you, we can find the best solution for your bridges and structures needs. Our skilled experts bring forth experience with a variety of bridge types, and we can help you secure accelerated bridge design and construction methods. No matter what the project is, we bring progressive design and construction techniques and stay on top of issues relating to function, environment, aesthetics, timing and cost. 

We are prequalified with the Department of Transport and Main Roads Queensland at the following levels:

  • Bridge Design – Level BD3
  • Highway Engineering – Level HE3
  • Hydraulic Design – Level HD2
  • Traffic Engineering – Level TE2
  • Transport Planning – Level TP2