Asset Management

asset management

Traditionally, works programs are developed based on visual inspections and existing levels of funding on an asset by asset basis. At HDR, we utilise existing asset information and combine it with our experience in modelling alternative maintenance techniques to achieve optimal investment scenarios. This targeted investment ultimately leads to an overall improvement in your infrastructure condition using your existing funding arrangements.

Our team first looks at what already exists and how we can validate the existing data sets. Partnering with you, our team will identify a unique set of performance criteria tailored to your asset. We then draw on our extensive knowledge and experience to provide network analysis and predictions based on a range of funding and treatment scenarios.

Our team adapts our interactive reporting and data reporting to seamlessly integrate with your internal systems making it a valuable tool for both operational and strategic users.

Pavement Asset Management

The challenge for road authorities is stretching the maintenance dollar further to reach organisational goals of providing a safe and efficient road network. At HDR, we collaborate with contractors and road authorities to guide existing funding where it works the hardest. The key is determining which point to invest in the life of the asset to give the most long term benefit across the entire network.